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IMC using Cisco ISE for AAA

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IMC using Cisco ISE for AAA


I am new to HP, originally all Cisco. I haev connecrted a number of HP devices up to Cisco ISE for AAA. This work fine any user gets authenticated by ISE. But when I try to do this on IMC gui, so any one who logs onto IMC has to get autheticaed does so via ISE. 

But I can not not seem to do it. I have tired under IMC configuration using RADIUS and TACACAS




Re: IMC using Cisco ISE for AAA


How exactly did you configure your Authentication Server in iMC? What error do you get when trying to login?

Did you create the operator in iMC with RADIUS/TACACS type that you would like to authenticate with using ISE? This is a requirement for RADIUS/TACACS login - it does not do any pulling/sync of users with the AAA server. iMC checks if the user trying to login exists as a local operator and then verifies those credentials with the AAA server.

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Re: IMC using Cisco ISE for AAA


With the RADIUS option, you can click on "Advanced Settings" and flag "Synchronized Radius Operator.

You must then create some mapping between your Radius attributes and the IMC operator's group you want.

Doing so will create automatically your IMC Operator with the Operator's group you have specified,

At least this works fine between IMC and ClearPass.

But, unfortunatelly, this synchronization is NOT available with TACACS option. This would be a nice case for an enhancement request.

Enjoy the mapping