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IMC with un-monitored interfaces

Frequent Advisor

IMC with un-monitored interfaces

Hi all, our environment has a lot of network devices showed their interfaces are "Disconnected Interface" under  "interface Link Type". I believe I have to run WalkMIB with these devices.

I downloaded the model HP 2620-48 POE -J9627A MIB file which is a tar ball.

I also confirmed that our Loaded MIB file list doesn't have it, neither as unloaded MIB file list.


I think the way to let all inferfaces to be able to monitor directly is to do the process as below.

1.upload the devices' MIB into loaded MIB file list


Then all of the interfaces should be able to monitor.

Is there any one can help me to run through this?


I don't know how to upload the file.

There isn't any MIB vaule with which the device run WalkMIB and showed me this vaule and it's no in the loaded MIB file list.