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IMC5.2 RHEL6.1 x64 Oracle Database Connecting Failed

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IMC5.2 RHEL6.1 x64 Oracle Database Connecting Failed

I have an Oracle 11g R2 database Linux x64 based and cannot install IMC 5.2 as the "Checking Database Connectivity" screen rise the error "Connecting to the database failed" don't matter if tried through or the


I had activated the java tracing and got the error "java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01031 insufficient privileges".


I'm able to connect to the database, but the customer security policy does not permit that the user account on applications be the SYS or have all SYS privileges, there is a guide or table of what privileges are required or the only supported way to install is have all SYS privileges to database user account ?




Felicio Santos.

PS: Sorry for any error of my "brazilian english".

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Re: IMC5.2 RHEL6.1 x64 Oracle Database Connecting Failed

I haven't set up IMC with Oracle, but I have done it a few times with SQL Server.


I'm guessing that the Oracle approach is similar to SQL Server, where IMC wants to set up and configure all the individual databases and users it needs. 


What we generally do is give full access to IMC when it goes through the initial setup, and then drop the privileges on that account. For normal operation it doesn't need that access, as each db has a new, dedicated account associated with it.


When you deploy new modules, or upgrades, you will need to add those privileges back.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to manually set up the databases - you have to do it through IMC.

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Re: IMC5.2 RHEL6.1 x64 Oracle Database Connecting Failed

Thanks for reply, but finally the customer required from DBA a dedicated instance of Oracle and at least DataBase check passed.