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Install IMC with remote Database

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Install IMC with remote Database


How do to install IMC with a remote database SQL Server?

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Re: Install IMC with remote Database

HI Luis,

I´m dealing with the same problem.

I have the SQL database 2005 in other server and I installed the SQL client in the server where I´m installing the IMC (2008 R2). I try the connection with the ODBC Data Source Administrator and it´s successful.

When I try to install the IMC, the IMC doesn´t detect that I have that database connection available, so it doesn´t give any option to type in the Ip address of the Database Server.

Any one has done this type of installation? any ideas?



Re: Install IMC with remote Database

I was able to get it working but it was important to have the prerequisites installed so I had a remote 2008 SQL database and it said I needed 2008 Client with Service pack 1. Try the install with just 2008 SQL Client tools nogo with SP1 Voila it works.
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Re: Install IMC with remote Database

Hi, I have a document from 3COM Knowledgebase from October 2010 that states that in order to install a remote database, you need to start SQL Server 2008 Setup and during 'Feature Selection', you have to check the following options:

client tools connectivity

client tools backwards compatibility

client tools sdk

management tools - basic

management tools - complete

sql client connectivity sdk

microsoft sync framework


Regards, Patrick

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Re: Install IMC with remote Database

Just follow the deployment guides available now and you should be good.