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Install "old" module on iMC 7.1 E0303P06

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Install "old" module on iMC 7.1 E0303P06



Soon we will need to install module "iMC NTA 7.1 E0301" (followed by an update to "iMC NTA 7.1 E0301P03") on iMC_PLAT_7.1_E0303P06 - it is possible combination? 

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Re: Install "old" module on iMC 7.1 E0303P06

Intelligent Management Platform (JG747AAE) iMC PLAT 7.1 (E0303P06) Max. License Quantity: 200 187 Permanent Network Traffic Analyzer (JG750AAE) iMC NTA 7.1 (E0301P03) Max. NTA Devices: 5 3 Permanent


I think as long as the major release matches (7.x) the minor releases can be what they are. I'm running the combination of Platform 7.1 E0303P06 with NTA 7.1 E0301P03. They are the latest release of both, and as far as I can tell working correctly.

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Re: Install "old" module on iMC 7.1 E0303P06

You can find the upgrade requirements in the release notes.  For the Module itself the "what's new in this release" section always has that detail at the top.


IMC NTA 7.1 (E0301P03) can be upgraded from IMC NTA 7.1 (E0301), IMC NTA 7.1 (E0301H01), and IMC NTA 7.1 (E0301H02).


The platform requirements are spelled out in the "Installation Prerequisites" section:

IMC Platform Compatibility
o IMC Platform version: IMC PLAT 7.1 (E0303) or later


The excerpts aboce are from the NTAe0301P03 release notes, the NTAe0301 release notes list IMC plat e0301, but that's a minimum level so you should be good.  The installer itself has a dependency check integrated, so it will complain and show an error if you try anything that isn't supported.