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Re: Installation IMC Standard Failed :

Occasional Advisor

Installation IMC Standard Failed :


I try to install IMC but during the phase test I've got the following error :

-  Checking ports occupied... Checking failed. Port 8025, 9091, 9044, 9055, 61616, 61626 is occupied by another program or services. Please stop it and make sure it does not run at system startup.

All the others tests are passed successfuly.

Someone already seen this error ? When I check the open ports with netstat command, nothing is found.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Installation IMC Standard Failed :


Indeed, I'm facing exactly the same issue.

I try to install iMC 5.1 on a CentOS 6.3 linux server (32bits). Same issue with a CentOS 6.2 (32bits).

I know that only RHEL 6.1 x86_64 is officially supported but normally it doesn't change anything.


I check all listening TCP ports using netstat -an and obviously there are no occupied ports on ports 8025, 9091, 9044, 9055, 61616, 61626.


Any clue, someone ?



Occasional Advisor

Re: Installation IMC Standard Failed :

There may be no hostname configured in your /etc/hosts file for your server ... if not, this will be an issue at some point during the install – and it is possibly the problem related to the install (the script will try to use the hostname to query services and there is no host table configured so the query will fail – it’s possible the script is not programmed to error out with the appropriate error message and is just using the occupied ports error)...


run "cat /etc/hosts" to see what's in there and if there is no specific entry for your imc server ip then do this (replace x.x.x.x with your ip address of the server and "hostname" with your hostname):


echo “x.x.x.x           hostname” >> /etc/hosts


... this will add the host entry to your system --- then retry the install.


please post if this works ... thanks


Re: Installation IMC Standard Failed :

Hi jm,


Indeed, it works perfectly well and it solves my issue.

Honestly, I don't understand the reasons behind this way of programming.

Why the initial script should be looking for an IP address in the /etc/hosts file ?

What about standard linux installation with DHCP reserved IP allocation ?

Anyway it isn't the first weird thing in iMC (like the 32 bits linux librairies to be loaded on x64 release !)

Many thanks for your advice.