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Installation of iMC 5.0 fails on linux

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Installation of iMC 5.0 fails on linux



I'm trying to install iMC standard 5.0 on debian linux 6.0 amd64. I configured my mysql server as documented. 


If I choose "Deploy or upgrade later", the installation fails with an error "Installation is stopped with error. For details, see log". However no log can be found. Does anybody know where this log is supposed to be ?


If I choose "Deploy or upgrade at once", the installation process finishes, all windows disappear and the java process keeps running at 100% CPU.


Can anybody help me ?


Thanks, Peter.

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Re: Installation of iMC 5.0 fails on linux

Debian is not supported. Redhat is the only support Linux OS currently however centos will also work (not officially supported though) ... I'd suggest reinstalling with Redhat or centos 6.3.