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Interface Alias in Link Down Trap


Interface Alias in Link Down Trap



I got a trap (and an alarm) when an interface on a switch becomes Down.

The OID is


The description is "The interface $2 is DOWN.", where $2 is the interface description ("GigabitEthernet1/0/52" for exemple) .

In addition to the interface description, I'd like the have the interface alias, "Link to access device xxx" for exemple.


The OID for the alias is:

The alias is set on the switch's interface, I can see it when I browse the MIB. The parameter is set on the IMC's trap definition.


But... it doesn't work. When I look at the alarm, I see the alarm parameter and the alias is not one of them.

I've checked on the switch, I don't see anything to configure on the SNMP part about this (except the "snmp-agent trap if-mib link extended", which I actually did).


Am I missing something?


Thanks for your help.