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Is it possible to clean db?

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Is it possible to clean db?

I would like to clean db. Is it possible? Running IMC 7.3, mysql and Linux RH 7.


perf_db is about 3 GB

config_db is 1 GB


All other db_ is virtually nothing.


Re: Is it possible to clean db?


Perf_db in iMC is used for performance monitoring of devices and its history and config_db on other hand is used for configuration backup of monitored device.

For Perf_db, there is no option to clean up the old data directly for GUI. deleting and re-adding the device will delete perf_db entry for the device but the process is no recommended if old data in sensitive for end customer. Then second we have is to try purging/shrinking database directly with the help of MySql admin. 

For Config_db, we have option from GUI to modify device backup configuration file lifespan. Navigate to Main tab Services > Configuration Centre > Option > Backup Policy > Max. Backup Configuration History Days and change the value as needed. By default, file will be stored for 180 days and post that it will be deleted. 


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