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LiveUpdate - switches

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LiveUpdate - switches

Hi All!

I'm not an experienced user of iMC 7.2, so I may ask some simple questions "no problem to resolve" for others.

1. Resource > Device View (filtered on switches on the left pane), shows all the switches, including Model (HP 2510-24, HP 4204vl, HP 5406zl, etc.). How can I filter on a specific model to show only the model selected? Can be Product Code added as a separate column?

2. If I select a model, than from More > LiveUpdate, it searches for all available software versions for that model. It's ok, I can download them (only 5 at a time! Why?). Interesting fact that here shows the Product Code(!), but after download, accessing "Device Software Upgrade" it takes me to a page where I should select on the first step the devices to upgrade software. "Select Device" takes me to a window where I can't select the model in case, it shows only the series of switches, like HP 2500, which doesn't help me at all. If Model can be shown in Device View from Resources, why can't be from Select Device on this page? HP 2500 covers a hole spectrum of switches which uses different software upgrades, identifying and selecting them by ip from a list of more then 150 switches each time it is not productive. Is there a more easiest way to select a specific model and sw upgrade them from iMC server?

3. Before sw upgrade I should make a backup of the current configuration settings, and it was a super easy way to do that in PCM, where after selecting a switch series, took one click and 5 sec. to make backup for all switches on the server. Here, from Resource > Device View I can select a switch (or more), from More > Configuration Management > Backup Configuration can start the backup process, but fails showing 'Failed to telnet the device' message. The switches are accessible over telnet, I can telnet them from any PC on my network, so what kind of settings I have to apply to iMC to get the backup working?

Thank you for your answers!

Best regards!