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MIB Trap Definitions update

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MIB Trap Definitions update


I'm a bit lost when it comes to the MIB trap definition import function in IMC.
I understand the basic functionality to import unknown traps into the iMC to be recognized.

On HPE support you'll find updates gegarding the MIB files. Last one would be

I recon this contains all the latest traps know to HP hardeware.

But how does iMC itself gets its updates regarding to trap definitions?

Do they get updated after each iMC update? Do we need to update them ourselves?
Is there an easy way to do so? You we have to extraxt and import eacht mib on its own?

To be clear, I know i can place multiple MIB in a folder on the server to get parsed, or upload a zip through the webinterface. But stil, i'll have to be slective in what I upload or place in that folder..

Could someone clearify this process on updating trap defs in iMC?


Thank you.

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Re: MIB Trap Definitions update

Yes, new versions of IMC will include updated MIBs. I wouldn't normally bother updating HP MIBs manually, unless I knew there was a specific bugfix I needed, or because I was using a new version of code, with new features & specific new traps I'm interested in. I wouldn't bother updating those just for the sake of updating them.