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MSM720 and dialog between computers

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MSM720 and dialog between computers


I had create a VLAN on MSM720 with DHCP distribute by Firewall.

The VLAN is Okay, all clients have an IP in the VLAN, but I must manage some clients in this VLAN.

How do I configure the VLAN in MSM 720 for autorize the dialog between the clients

Thanks for your help

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Re: MSM720 and dialog between computers

If I understand correctly, you want to enable communication between clients logged into the SSID.

In IMC you can set this in Service >WLAN Manager>WLAN services>Batch Modify WLANs and then modify the specifc VSC to set Inter-Client Blocking

Or using the MSM GUI you can set this by editing the specific VSC and making the change under virtual AP/Wireless Clients > Allow traffic between.

Screenshots of both attached