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Manage 5406r zl2 via imc

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Manage 5406r zl2 via imc

Trying to push an SNMPv3 template to our core switch which is a 5406r zl2 via batch update within imc. This switch acts differently from our idf switches which seemed to register in imc without a hitch. This core switch registered as a desktop/icon device. I was able to inform imc that it wasn’t a desktop but rather a switch however I can’t seem to change the type away from icmp. The kicker here is that the batch update process is filtering devices of type icmp so I can’t force a change on it.
I don’t know how to get this switch to registered in the imc as all my other Aruba 2930f switches. Any direction would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Manage 5406r zl2 via imc

Your problem is that SNMP is not working in the first place. IMC uses SNMP to identify the device type. That is then later used to do things like identify which adapter to use to push configuration changes.

Check the SNMP configuration on the device itself. Then go to the device details page in IMC, and check those SNMP settings match. If they are different, update them from there, not via batch update. Re-synchronise the device. If it does not properly detect the device model, and show things like uptime, etc., then dig into why SNMP is not working (misconfiguration, access lists, etc).