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Monitoring SNMP QoS HPE Comware 5510 (MIB)

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Monitoring SNMP QoS HPE Comware 5510 (MIB)


I'd like to monitor by snmp the Qos configured on switch HPE 5510.

I have three class of service with different dscp and I'd like know the bandwitdh of each dscp.


I have configured the policy shown below:

traffic classifier VOIP operator and

if-match acl 3000


traffic behavior VOIP

remark dscp af31


qos policy VOIP

classifier VOIP behavior VOIP


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/24

port link-mode bridge

port access vlan 2

qos apply policy VOIP inbound

qos apply policy VOIP outbound


acl number 3000

rule 0 permit ip source destination


I'd like to  monitor the traffic IN&OUT about dscp=af31

I thought to use a "snmpwalk" for query a specific OID (MIB) about the device.

Can I do it?


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Re: Monitoring SNMP QoS HPE Comware 5510 (MIB)

Hi, you have two options do see the traffic for specific DSCP.

You can do it if you install the NTA module additional to imc or the QoS module.

The default performance Management in imc PLAT does not do it for DSCP.

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Re: Monitoring SNMP QoS HPE Comware 5510 (MIB)


first of all thanks for your response.

I have the NTA module and I tried to collect traffic about dscp.

In fact, as you say, Imc is collecting the traffic for dscp and dot1p but I'd like obtain a specific graphic (rate in bps) to analize the trend (hour,day, for throughput of interface tx/rx) it possible?

I haven't the QoS Module and however I'm not sure that the Qos Module may obtain the graphic for trend (rate in bps ...... hour,day,week....) for each dscp that pass through the interface. Did you try it?

Anothet things, I have seen on the PLAT Imc Default that in the Performance Management there is the Policy "Qos Matching"; before it didn't start because oh a lack of a MIB "hh3c-ifqos2.mib", i loaded it and there isn't error when activate it but it doesn't collect anything.