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NTA settings gone after IMC upgrade

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NTA settings gone after IMC upgrade

are NTA settings something that shold be backed up during DB backup. I've noticed While upgrading to 7.3e0703 no NTA configuration exist on the new server 


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Re: NTA settings gone after IMC upgrade

Quick update, I've just set up a single task (interface) but it seems that I can't view it as I could before 

Older version

interface service.PNG

New version 

interface service new.PNG


Re: NTA settings gone after IMC upgrade


NTA configuration is stored in unba_master database, while flow records/aggregated data (flow statistics and history data) are stored in unba_slave database. Have you restored these?

Please also check the NTA Settings > Traffic Analysis Task Management (rather than the Group Management) and see if there are any of your tasks in the list there.

Upgrading IMC/NTA should not delete anything in these databases (and I haven't seen anything of the sort so far, unless an NTA component was manually Undeployed, which informs you about dropping the database).

Keep in mind that unba_slave is not backed up by default, and requires moving/deleting the unba.skip file in iMC\dbman\etc folder. Hence if you migrate, you would (by default) lose only the historical data and NOT your configurations like tasks, devices etc. Unless you back up and restored that database as well by first moving/deleting the .skip file.

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Re: NTA settings gone after IMC upgrade

Hi Justin 

Appriciate fast response 

I see the issues now, I haven't moved/removed unda.skip file 

I guess that unba_slave from 7.0 can't be restored on 7.3. It seems I'll have to set this part from the scratch