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Network Location profiles

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Network Location profiles

Hello every one,


     I dont now if this is the rigth place to post my question, but i didnt see the post option in the main menu for Networking Managment, if it isnt please indicate me where.
     I need to now how I can identify among several, an internet connection spot that my laptop was once connected, searching through the Network Location profiles, found in the Windows Vista> Control Panel> Network Center> Personalize option (next to the Network Location name, down the world internet map)> Merge or Delete Network Locations option> appears a network location profile list, and one of those is wich I need to determine where it belongs.


     As the pc recognize each internet connection spot, with a different network location profile, it has to register a code or something that it use for this, that can be compared with the internet connection spot, to find it.


    I appreciate your help, thanks for your time...