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Network Topology help

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Network Topology help

Hi All,

I've been asked to do some network maps and thought I would see if I can use IMC to do so, I'm not overally familiar with it at the moment, I am awaiting the training course in a month or so.

I need to do multiple layer maps.. There needs to be a Fibre Map, Ethernet Map and in the future some form of wireless/AP map.


Is multiple layer maps possible? I can use Visio if I'm trying to use IMC for something that it isn't designed for?


Also, we have a stack that is 2 cores appearing as one on the map... for the diagram's sake, I would like to split these as different items so that I can map out the fiber connections between them. is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Network Topology help

I don't think IMC can ever produce network diagrams of the quality and detail that you would normally produce with Visio. Obviously, you can use IMC to save a bit of time (you don't have to login to every single switch to find out its model number, firmware, VLAN config and connecting interfaces).

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Re: Network Topology help

I would like some to see more features to the network topology map.  

- it would be nice to be able to shape the links between devices.  We have a map of our campus and would like to visualize the fiber paths while seeing usage.  

-make the icons smaller 


Is there a feature request page?