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No Bandwidth Utilization data in new IMC 7.3 installation

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Ed Nicoll
Occasional Contributor

No Bandwidth Utilization data in new IMC 7.3 installation

We just completed a fresh install of IMC 7.3 (E0703) and whilst we seem to be getting data from our switches, the bandwidth utilization widgets are showing "no data found".

Is there a feature I still have to set up/enable?


Re: No Bandwidth Utilization data in new IMC 7.3 installation

IMC's Performance Monitor will add 4 default monitors to devices when you add them to IMC: CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Response Time (ICMP) and Device Unreachability Proportion.

Everything else that you'd like to monitor should be manually added to the devices on which you would like to do the monitoring. There are a few ways you can do this:

- Add new Default Monitoring Indexes and optionally deploy them to existing devices via Performance Management > Performance Option > Default Monitoring Indexes (this is under System Configuration menu pre-E0703). Check the indexes you want to monitor and "Save" to set them as default for new devices, or "Add Indexes" to deploy the indexes to your current devices.

- Add monitoring to one or more devices via Performance Management > Monitoring Settings, where you can select your devices and then use the "Add Monitor" to add specific indexes on the chosen devices.

Keep in mind that each index you decide to monitor means that IMC will poll at least one more SNMP OID on every selected interface of every chosen device once per 5 minutes (can be changed per-index via Global Index Settings). That can add up to a lot of monitoring and perf_db size if you add many different monitoring indexes on all devices.

For the widget you added to dashboard, you would need to monitor Bandwidth Utilization (In) % Index on some devices, under System-Interface Statistics > Interface Inbound/Outbound Bandwidth Usage (%).

Hope that helps.

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Ed Nicoll
Occasional Contributor

Re: No Bandwidth Utilization data in new IMC 7.3 installation

Great! Thanks so much. Now getting the bandwidth data through. Much appreciated again!