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Open device failed (Open device panel tab)

Occasional Contributor

Open device failed (Open device panel tab)



In the device list, Switch IP the right side arrow i clicked on "Open device panel" option  to see device actual view. Its opened new browser window and display the message "Open device" failed.


I am using IMC 5 standard. Threre are 20 divice in the list but i can only able to open 2 devices panel.


Can some one help out to resolve the issue?


Thanks in advance...


Valued Contributor

Re: Open device failed (Open device panel tab)



If you are on 5.0 you are a few releases behind the current release.  It certainly sounds like a software issue with IMC, often times if something gets corrupted an upgrade or the application of a patch will resolve the issue.  There have also been a lot of improvements to IMC overall, but certainly to the devices supported in the device panel, and the accuracy of the images.


IMC 7.1 is set to release in a few days, with 7.1 the device panel goes 3D, you can even spin the device around and look at the power supplies/status.



So I would consider upgrading to a more current release available from (then seach on IMC or by category to get to the appropriate IMC).  Just check the release notes, as you will likely have to upgrade to interim releases first.  You won't be able to upgrade straight from 5.x to 7.1 for example.


Good Luck