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Re: Operation logs

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Operation logs


I need to check user logs in imc what changes a particula user has made in imc,

currently when i login with an adminstartion account it only shows me the log for the admin account,

i can't see the logs for other user who has login what changes they have made on imc.

the only option i saw was peration logs under system but it only show for a particular which i am login.


is there any othere way in which i can see the logs for all the user who user imc and the changes they have made?


Re: Operation logs


GO to

System > Operation Log


and check. If not helpfull revert.

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Re: Operation logs



as i said i can see only the logs for the particular user i have user to login in the imc.

for eg:- if i user admin account to login i can see only the logs for admin not for othere user logs in imc.

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Re: Operation logs

I think I've figured out what's going on.

Go to System Configuration -> Operation Log.

Click the "Query" button towards the upper right. By default, that query only runs for the current user. Either change the query username to something else, or leave it blank. Re-run the query.