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Persisted Time


Persisted Time

We are just getting into heavily using iMC and there is one issue that is driving me crazy. Every time an interface drops for 2 or 3 seconds, it posts an alarm. Every day I have to go into Alarm > Alarm Browse > All Alarms and delete hundreds of alarms that were made because an interface (port on a switch) went down for 2 or 3 seconds. Is there ANY way to change the persisted time to be something greater than 60 seconds? This would alleviate ~95% of the alarms that are posted.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Please be gentle. I am new at using this and will probably explicit instructions in order to make any changes.



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Re: Persisted Time

I think you might be getting a bit confused by some of the terminology & ways that IMC works.

When a new alarm comes in, it is "Unrecovered". You'll see it affect device status on the homepage, and it will show up on that device's details page. These are 'active' alarms that represent current conditions on the network.

Alarms can be manually or automatically recovered. In the case of a port going down, normally it will be automatically recovered by the port coming back up.

Other alarms can't be automatically recovered - e.g. you might get an alarm about STP state change. There's no corresponding event that IMC could use to automatically resolve that event. So the event will stay Unrecovered until someone manually recovers it.

The time between an event being created, and it being recovered, is the "Persisted" time. This isn't a setting you can change.

You don't need to manually delete those events. If they've been recovered, then they no longer affect device status. They will eventually be aged out (depends on your Data Export systems).

You're going to the All Alarms view, which shows current & historical alarms. This is often very useful, when you need to look at what alarms occurred during a specific time period. But if you want to look at alarms you actually need to take action on, you should be looking at Alarms -> Alarm Browse -> Real-Time alarms, or you should query All Alarms for alarms with Recovery status "Unrecovered".

Does that help?

The other thing you probably need to do is change your settings for which ports trigger up/down alarms - it doesn't usually make sense to alarm on PC ports. Go to System -> System Configuration -> System Settings, and change the settings under "Interface Up/Down Alarm". This can also be changed on a per-device or per-interface basis, if you need to over-ride the system settings.