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Port tags

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Port tags

Hi, I was curious if there is any way how to add my own tags or just text with information on port on switch in HP IMC so I can see where it is located in warehouse. 

We have lot of switches and I dont want to use cable management software just for two words with info for port on switch.

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Re: Port tags

Hi! do you mean an extra label to optionally apply to a physical interface other than its very own name (if defined into switch running configuration)?
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Re: Port tags

There are two fields exposed in IMC - the interface alias and the interface maintenance tag.

The alias is set under interface management > Port Properties (also can usually be set using the device's CLI, as this is stored in the switch)

The maintenance tag is set under interface List > interface Details for a specific interface. 

However the alias is much more useful as its visible in the interface list views, as well as can be shown in the topology views on the links between devices.

The maintenance tag records are a bit more of a mystery to me as to how you actually view/use them