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Problem with time in HPE IMC


Problem with time in HPE IMC


I have a problem with time in IMC std v 7.3

Time in IMC doesn't order with time in local server. (examples in picture)


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Re: Problem with time in HPE IMC

I believe IMC uses the time settings for the server when it was installed. The deployment documentation suggests this:

Setting the system time
As a best practice, configure the following settings:
 Set the time zone to GMT or Coordinated Universal Time.
 Do not enable seasonal time adjustments such as daylight savings time.
 Before installing IMC, verify that the system time, date, and time zone settings on the server are correct.
Do not modify the system time on the server after IMC is started. If you modify the system time, the following issues might occur:
 When jumping to a future time, the system might get so occupied in processing the sudden burst of expired data that realtime data sampling will be delayed. The delay is automatically recovered after the processing of expired data is complete.
 When you modify the system time to a past time, data with overlapping time occurs, and data processing might become abnormal. After the overlapping time is past, data processing becomes normal again.

In your case I can barely tell from your screen shot, but looks like a 4 hour time difference? Did you change time zone on server?

If you change server time zone, IMC does not change its time zone.

IMC only changes time if you change the server time itself. 

I however did not read and so installed everything to local time.  As long as you devices output logs consistent with IMC you can be OK.

But realize that time change will introduce gaps and overlaps as descibed above.