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Process euplat won't load since upgrading to 7.3 E0506P07


Process euplat won't load since upgrading to 7.3 E0506P07

Since upgrading to 7.3 E0506P07 this process doesn't load and as such some functions within IMC no longer Work.IMC Upgrade Error.JPG

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Re: Process euplat won't load since upgrading to 7.3 E0506P07


could you please have a look at the following logfile:

<imc installation folder>/euplat/log/imceuplat.log

maybe it is not able to use port 21195 

Re: Process euplat won't load since upgrading to 7.3 E0506P07


Unable to provide this detail as I needed to rollback and I successfully upgraded to 7.3 E0506. The minute I upgraded to P07 the problem shows both on standard and enterprise editions.
IMC loaded fine and I could log in and the only problem other than that service not starting was that I was unable to see the server info from the system/system configuration menu.


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