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RADIUS authentication to Cisco Switch/Router

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RADIUS authentication to Cisco Switch/Router


We have already configured 802.1x authentication on our switches and integrated it with our Active Directory and everything is running properly

What I want to do now is to configure RADIUS login on the Switches/Routers, to allow IT Organization Unit (OU) to access the switches and modify configuration instead of using console or line vty username and password.

Please Advise,

Thank you

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Re: RADIUS authentication to Cisco Switch/Router

to manage your devices using imc, you need to set up the snmp settings for each device, as well as the telnet or ssh settings.

This is under configure - right side of the screen for each device under resource. You can create a template setting for these on the fly or under system access parameter template. Once a template is setup, you can pick it when each devicce is added or when editing a configuration

Using a list view under resource, you can select some or all, then under more, parameter setting - change for multiple devices.

telnet, ssh, snmp ids must be already set on the devices first. ssh credentials if not stored local must be set up in the switch config to point to imc (or whatever radius server you want to use).

But imc uses needs a saved credential so it can log in. Other user authentication via telnet, ssh or web depends on the switch setup not imc.

imc has scripts that use a combination of snmp set & telnet or ssh to send cli commands. Not all devices are supported with all functions but it is possible to modify the scripts if not.

save any custom changes as imc updates will overwrite many of them.

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Re: RADIUS authentication to Cisco Switch/Router

Hi NeilR,

Thank you for your quick response.

I have already configured SNMPv3 on my switches and I have created a SNMP v3 template to add my switches since by default there is no SNMPv3 template created. All switches details appeared after adding them and they are set automatically in the right category "Switch".

I have tried old SSH user configured on the switches and it grants me access to them.

So as you said I have to create SSH/Telnet users and assign each user the right privilege on the each switch.