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Real-Time Location not working anymore

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Re: Real-Time Location not working anymore

I have noticed this for sometime, but really haven't needed it as much, as I can now glean the port information from Clearpass.  However, something has happened in Clearpass and it isn't showing, so I went back to IMC.

I did a test.  I went out to a switch and pulled an IP and MAC address, I went into IMC Real-Time Location and found nothing.

I opened another browser, logged into IMC, opened the device and opened the IP/MAC Learning Query, which showed me the list of IP-MACs discovered.

I simply switched back to the other browser, still at Real-Time Location  with the same IP entered, with No match found., and just clicked OK again and it then found the IP!

Not really a solution, but some insight into what is going on.

Cheers folks!

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Re: Real-Time Location not working anymore

Hello NeilR,

So, my understanding is that the file imcl2topodm.exe should be replaced manually in order for RTLocation to work properly until next release, which should fix this issue.

Any news regarding this next patch ? It has been quite a while since we are waiting for it, and latest release date shown on my iMC Liveupdate shows v.7.3 (E0605P06) from end of October last year.

Thanks in advance for any further information about this topic.

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Re: Real-Time Location not working anymore

Yes that seems to be the current situation.

I'm not in recent contact with them regarding this but on some other issues I identified they said would be resolved in the next build. My last contact was 2/14 so depends on their build test cycle. 


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Re: Real-Time Location not working anymore

Where do i find that file?


Re: Real-Time Location not working anymore


Please open a support case if you need the latest hotfix IMC 7.3 E0605H09 which includes all the RTLS fixes. There's a new major version of IMC (7.3 E0703) coming out sometime soon, and it will be the public release that includes these fixes as well.

Note that RTLS may still have issues with some Cisco devices as gateways, as it doesn't use the community@vlan extension SNMP community string by default. That can be enabled via System > System Configuration > System Settings > Real-Time Location Extension (under Layer 2 Topology Configuration, set it to Yes).

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