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Root Alarms in IMC 7.3 (E0506P09)

Occasional Contributor

Root Alarms in IMC 7.3 (E0506P09)

I need some help. I've been going up and back with HP on this with no luck. I don't think they understand what I am asking for. I cannot seem to get 'Root Cause' alarms to work properly.

I have a single huge custom view that has my entire topology of 274 switches with links connecting all devices. (also seperate views containing more manageable views)

I have "Alarm Setting/Access and Core Devices" set so the switch my single IMC server is attached to is configured as the "Access Device" and my 11 core stacks are all set to "Core Devices".

Under "Alarm Browse/All Alarms", "Show All Alarms" and "Show Root Alarms" both show the same items and nothing is specifically lableled as a root alarm. If I disconnect a core, I should see a root cause alarm correct? I just see alarms for that disconnected core and all 80 devices under it.

Any ideas? This should be such a basic feature.