SNMPv3 issue when configuring Switch Access Binding

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SNMPv3 issue when configuring Switch Access Binding


I have configured SNMPv3 read/write with MIB view "iso" on Cisco switches and Cisco IOS 15.2(2)E5; in "Device View" tab I was able to see the switch details, but when trying to configure "Switch Access Binding" it is not working at all. When I try to run auto-scan the switch ports do not appear.

configuration steps:

Cisco(config)#snmp-server view ALL-ACCESS iso included
Cisco(config)#snmp-server group Group1 v3 priv write ALL-ACCESS
Cisco(config)#snmp-server user cisco Group1 v3 auth sha <password> priv des56 <password>
Cisco(config)#snmp-server host x.x.x.x version 3 priv cisco

Alternatively, I have configured snmp-v2c and after that "Switch Access Binding" worked properly.

But for security purposes, I want to configure snmpv3.

please advise.