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Software update + Cisco 3750 Stack

Occasional Contributor

Software update + Cisco 3750 Stack

Hi, The question I asked a few days ago has been replied so efficiently that I would like to ask on other one.


It's pretty simple, we would like to update the iOS of a stack of 3750.


The usual way is to use archive download from a .tar file. But it looks like IMC is not able to recognize the .tar file because it didn't give me the opportunity to select the file.tar when I was in the software update process. When I used the IMC process, I deleted the iOS on the 2 members of my stack in order to have enough space on the flash but even if IMC recognized that it was a stack device, IMC put the iOS on the master member only and rebooted the device. As a consequence my slave member fell into ROMON.


This is a real issue for us, I would like to know if there is a solution to update a Cisco stack with IMC.



Thank you,