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Still faulty script in CiscoIOSGeneric Adaptor (IMC 7.3)

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Still faulty script in CiscoIOSGeneric Adaptor (IMC 7.3)

In my last thread (here) I wrote about errors when retrieving configuration files from Cisco devices after upgrading to the P10 patch of version 7.2. It seems like the issue in the enter_enable.tcl script (introduced in 7.2_P10) was undone for 7.3, which is now fine again. Still, there was another problem introduced in script initialize.tcl, which still remains in 7.3 and causes a lot of our Cisco devices not being able to backup their config files.

It seems like the definition of the command prompt does not work, so the script hangs and times out, when IMC logged in onto a device, because it does not detect the prompt. If one comments out the following two lines in <IMC>/server/conf/adapters/ICC/Cisco/CiscoIOSGeneric/initialize.tcl, the script behaves like in 7.2_P06, which just works (at least with the devices we use):

    set enable_password_prompt "assword:|PASSCODE:"
    set next_passcode_prompt "tokencode:|ext PASSCODE:"
    set orig_exec_prompt >
    set orig_enable_prompt #
    set exec_prompt >
#   set exec_prompt $DevName$exec_prompt        <---- comment out
    set enable_prompt #
#   set enable_prompt $DevName$enable_prompt    <---- comment out
    set config_prompt "\\)#"
    set enforce_save false

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