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Testing IMC Having a few issues.

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Testing IMC Having a few issues.

First post to IMC,


Looking at IMC as a migration path away from PNM.  So far I like what I see...


Have 60 devices discovered so far.  A selection of routers, switches, UPS, servers, printers and a few workstations.



Setup a Dell PE1950 running W2K8R2  and installed IMC without problems .  This server has a x.x.x.93 IP address.  We reserved IP address x.x.x.91 to x.x.x.95 to all our managed device's SNMP community to restrict access.   This was working great getting new devices into IMC.   


The issue now is that we also reserve x.x.x.10 as a virtual IP for our critical SNMP/Syslog alerts.   Assigned the x.x.x.10 IP as a secondary IP to the IMC server and setup the Syslog service.   Can not added or update device via SNMP.   Used wireshark and found that IMC is now querying devices using the secondary x.x.x.10 instead the primary x.x.x.93 IP address. 


Can not find any where in IMC where to lock down IMC to the .93 IP.      Any ideas how to solve?




It seems that IMC does not like multiply IP addresses on the same server.  It created a duplicate host for each IP address then complains about duplicate hostnames.  For example, we have a utility server .90 which is also a temporary RADIUS backup server using .5 IP.     Is there a way for a device to have multiply IP addresses in IMC combine to just one object?



So is IMC licensed by host t or IP addresses. 



Thanks you,


Bob Gausman




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Re: Testing IMC Having a few issues.

1/ Not sure. As a workaround, you could use IMC to push out a config change to all devices to also allow that IP to query SNMP. I suspect that the outbound IP choice is done via the underlying OS, and IMC is not forcing it.


2/ Is this happening when you are running discovery? You could filter those IP addresses from discovery. IMC can handle devices with multiple IPs (e.g. routers), assuming that it is discovering them via SNMP.


3/ IMC uses a few different parameters to generate a serial number, which is tied to the license. My understanding is that the MAC address is the critical part, not the IP address.


Hope this helps.