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The PSE Port(7.83) - which interface?

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The PSE Port(7.83) - which interface?

Our IMC is repeatedly reporting that "The status of The PSE Port(7.83) is disabled" on one of our stacks. The stack is comprised of #1 a 5130-48G-PoE+-4SFP+ EI and #2 a 5130-24G-PoE+-SFP+ EI.

Is there a way I can determine which port or interface is it referring to?


Many thanks

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Re: The PSE Port(7.83) - which interface?


PSE 7.83 means that the event occurs for the Power Supply Entity instance#7 and Interface instance# 83.

The way instances ar eallocated depends on hardware configuration, the order in which the components are discovered at boot time, and probably some other things. By in mind that it always start to allocate from instance 0.

It is difficult to correlate by guessing especially for the PSE entity. As far as Interface it usually allocate Console port as instance 0, than the Aux port, and then physical interfaces.

To be sure you can :

- look into the trap variables which may contain more information on physical entities.

- use the MIB bowser and query the PSE entity of the PoE MIB with the reported instances.