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The interface 146800777 is DOWN.

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The interface 146800777 is DOWN.

I have been getting this alarm from one of my switches and I finally tracked it down to a test machine so no real problem.  I changed the alarming on this interface and I am good to go.  My questing is how do I find "Interface 146800777" quicker?  It seem that, that number is an arbitrary number assigned by IMC.


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Re: The interface 146800777 is DOWN.

I see that this post is rather dated, so I don't know whether you've found a resolution or not.


You didn't mention what type of device sent that alert - but it seems that the device would have had to feed IMC that interface number. I ran this by tech support, and they suggest the following: Use the IMC MIB browser to walkMIB on the device, and see if that device ID is part of the device's ifDescription.


There was some speculation as to whether the device in question is using a non-standard interface description to indicate a trunk port, or VLAN interface, or something beyond just an access device port.


Let us know if you find the answer to this mystery!


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