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Trap OID missing definition


Trap OID missing definition

Hi All,

I've been looking around to resolve a trap that we keep recieving (from some netgear switch) which has no definition.  I've been looking around for a MIB but cant find anything, anyone have any assistance would be amazing!

OID: 1.0.8802.
Description: 1.0.8802.

contains parameters 1.0.8802.

I presume its LLDP from google but can't find an actual MIB to import!
(I've imported all the Netgear MIBS)

Thanks very much in advance, I could always create a manual definition "unknown" but it would be nice to do it properly!


Re: Trap OID missing definition

Since the OID is from netgear product. It would be better if you could reach out netgear product support team. 

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Re: Trap OID missing definition


this OID 1.0.8802. is for LLDP, it is not special for Netgear. The Netgear MIB's start mostly with OID

The LLDP MIBs are included in imc, no extra adding is needed.

Could it be, that your Netgear device does not support the LLDP MIB? You can check it in imc with the MIB Browser. Possible that you must insert all Netgear MIBs and/or update the switch software too.

The Netgear MIB's I have found here: ,not sure if it is the last. Ask the Netgear support, normally they can send the actual MIB's to you.

Regards, Inge