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Turn a syslog event into an email alert

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Turn a syslog event into an email alert


I am a brand new user to IMC and I am wanting to use it for really two things. I want to have it send me an email whenever I have an IP Address conflict, and when there is a topology change on my network. I have setup the latest IMC 7.3, and my switches are all Comware.

I do have the syslog configured and it is being logged on the IMC console, though I do only get the current day of syslog in the console.

I have found where to convert syslog to alarm, but I must be missing something as I am not getting the email alerts when the Dup IP shows in the syslog.

I know email is working as I am getting the email alert when the backup of the switch configs run.


Thanks for your help

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Re: Turn a syslog event into an email alert

There is a DUPIFIP Syslog to Alarm in imc. Please check if it is enable, and also check your own defined Syslog-to-Alarm rule.