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UAM,EAD 802.1X & MAC filtering


UAM,EAD 802.1X & MAC filtering

Hi Guys,

Is there any guide for deploying 802.1X through LDAP and have MAC authentication combined without using iNode + cert ?

I want to configure all known users through LDAP with laptops/desktops that will be authenticated through IMC and MAC address list will be used so the MAC address of each PC will be checked .

And if devices that they don't support 802.1X they will be authenticated only with MAC address .

I have version 7.2 E0403 as demo for now until I have a license.

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Re: UAM,EAD 802.1X & MAC filtering

The documentation does explain it, but its task oriented to the specific step. Can't say there is a greate overview doc, but some are bits are out there. If you know the flow you can figure it out.

I've posted a number of messages in this forum that describe the 802.1x configuration steps.

I currently use AD as the LDAP repository, and  authenticate domain workstations/users use 802.1x (w/o inode). There is a "computer" user to allow workstations to log in using 802.1x. vlans, access periods etc can be assigned.

I register "guest" workstations, phones and printers using mac authentication. There are serveral strategies for this.

I point my wifi controller to imc as a radius server and use the imc to pass back vlan assignments etc from the same ldap db.