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Re: UAM module - Portal Access+ LDAP

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UAM module - Portal Access+ LDAP



There are questions to address network authentication using ligament Portal acces + LDAP (active directory).

Do I understand correctly that the technology involves authenticating Portal Access through a Web portal IMC?

ie, the process will look like this:

1) The client includes a computer , comes to web portal IMC and introduces your account and password
2) IMC Server sends user data to the server LDAP, and if all goes well the user activates the port on the device without restrictions

If it is not , please correct me.
Apologies for my English, it's machine translation
In advance thanks

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Re: UAM module - Portal Access+ LDAP



This seems like the perfect use case for the UAM BYOD configuration.

Users can login on BYOD registration page (using their corporate LDAP AD account), that will register their device and they will be allowed access (using e.g. mac-auth) to the network.

Wireless and wired access can be used.


Best regards,Peter.