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Upgrading HP A3100 via IMC 7.0

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Upgrading HP A3100 via IMC 7.0

Hi All 

I need to upgrade quite a few 3100s, 

The only issues is when deploying the task from IMC it fails to upload full software to the switches. Software takes about 12mb but only 8mb is being copied to flash memory of the switches.

I've upgraded a few A3600 previously and had no issues at all 

Any suggestions? 

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Re: Upgrading HP A3100 via IMC 7.0

Do you see any logs related to the failure? Any indication why it stops at 8MB?

What happens if you do a manual upgrade of a switch? Just wondering if there's something else going on.

Ian Vaughan
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Re: Upgrading HP A3100 via IMC 7.0


If the 3100's are anything like the 5120's you *may* need to delete the current main and / or backup OS image in  order to load the new one into flash.

If you have a tame switch in your test lab it might be worth configuring the option to clear down the old software versions. Did it pass the device free space check?

As @LindsayHill says it might be worth stepping through manually on the CLI ("sftp server enable" on the switch in system view may help here if you are copying images from PC to switch - Filezilla is a great free FTP/SFTP client) .

Let us know how you get on - if you have any breakthroughs or find something worth sharing please post and use the "solved" and "kudos" buttons to flag helpful posts for others to find. 




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Re: Upgrading HP A3100 via IMC 7.0

Hi Guys 

I was away hence late reply.

First off all when upgrading manually there are  no problems at all.

So, there is no space on those 3100 I'm trying to upgrade. While going through the upgrade wizard in IMC I get to chose if to clean up the space on flash, which I do.

The error message I get in IMC is: the device cannot recognize the uploaded device software; and then in suggestions that I should check if the software is the right for the device, to check the path and that the current software has been deleted - do not reboot.

After the software is being uploaded onto the switch it takes only 8mb, should be about 12mb - there is no indication in IMC of software not being fully uploaded!

I'll try deleting the software manually and resetting recycle bin then upgrading via IMC, 

I will keep you up to date 


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Re: Upgrading HP A3100 via IMC 7.0

ok so I've tried deleting the software manually as well as I've reset recycle bin, no joy I get the same error in IMC saying that the software can't be recognized by the switch.

I remember upgrading 3600 running comware 5. There was enough space for another bin file so I didn't have to go through flash clean up process and the upgrade went ok

I've upgraded the switches manually as I was running out of time but it would be still good to know how to solve this issue.

What do you guys think?