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Re: User Defined Objects

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User Defined Objects

When using the datacenter topology view, we are trying to add user defined object but can't find where to add them in the system.  


We see the racks, air conditioners, walls, cameras, etc, but we would like to add a large UPS and other objects as well  but can't see where to add them.  Can anybody shed some light in IMC on where/how to add these objects?



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Re: User Defined Objects



First add e.g. a cabinet, and modify it (set the properties). You can set custom image texture etc.

Make sure to copy the image locally on the imc host, sample Windows path would be 

C:\Program Files\iMC\client\web\apps\imc\topo\roomtopo \new-image.gif


And adjust the object image url in line with this path, e.g.



Adjust height etc.


Once done with your custom cabinet, right-click on it, there you will see an option to save as a template.

That template will then be listed under the user-defined objects.


Hope this helps !

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Re: User Defined Objects

This did help.  Let me add a little more information for someone else trying to do the same thing.


After filling in the images and setting all the properites, I had to right click on the System Defined Object I just changed and then click copy.  On the copied object, I was able to right-click and then "Save as Template".  


If I didn't copy the image, the object would revert back to it's system defined images.  In addition, If you click save in the "Edit Panel", you'll see the system defined object you created revert back to the original settings and the copied object should stay the same.


On the "Save as Template" dialog box, the "File" field is actually wanting a thumbnail of the entire object.  For a while, I thought it was wanting me to define where to save the object.  Once I figured out it wanted a thumbnail image, everything worked out fine.


So all together, I had to create the following:


Left Image (Front of Object)

Right Image (Side of Object)

Thumbnail (A picture of the entire object size down).


Thanks very much for your help!