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VLAN Naming Issues

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VLAN Naming Issues



Have recently installed the latest version of IMC Enterprise. I have added and configured all my switched and confirmed SSH and SNMP credentials are correct.


When editing a VLAN name in Global VLAN, my understanding is this change should be pushed out to the switches to update the configs with this name change. When I do this, the VLAN Deployment Task completes successfully - when I look at the log it shows all switches having the config applied. In Global VLAN, under VLAN 11, Member Operation shows all switches, so it looks to have applied again. But when logging into these switches through SSH or the GUI, the change has not taken effect as the config is still showing the old name. A few refreshes of Global VLAN show the old name appearing in the list again and the switches are no longer in Member Operation for the newly created name, but in the old one again.


As a test, I removed VLAN 11 form our test switch, and using Batch Deploy, I added a new VLAN with the name test. The VLAN was created, but the name remained as the default VLAN 0011 when looking in the switches via GUI or SSH.


At a loss and scratching my head, anyone able to offer any assistance?


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Re: VLAN Naming Issues

To which switches (and what are their software versions) are you deploying the VLAN name change? I am trying to determine whether this is an IMC issue or a managed device issue...does the log on the switch tell you that the configuration change was made?




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