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VLAN assigment based on Wired or Wireless

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VLAN assigment based on Wired or Wireless

Working on my 802.1x environment nigration from PCM to IMC. I can now get things to log in using 802.1


Now I want to control them more.


In PCM I can assign a VLAn based on whether the connection is wired or wireless for the same userID. I put wifi user devices on a separate vlan from wired devices but am using same userid for both.


But in IMC, userid is associated with service, which has the scenario for wifi,  and then with the policy assigning vlan.


However user can't have multiple services with same suffix - in my case none. So the wifi condition is really only access control yes/no - not if this then that


Any suggestions on how to make this work? Still a bit fuzzy on the IMC UAM design phillosphy


UPDATE - solved

OK - I set up an access policy with no VLAN assignment and then use the access scenario options on the Access service to specify an access poliy that DOES assign a VLAN, and this  seems to be working to distinguish a wired from wireless LAN.


Now I need to assign VLAN based on user groups as well. I guess this goes back to the LDAP synch setups....

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Re: VLAN assigment based on Wired or Wireless

Thanks for posting the update/resolution!

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