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[Wanted] extended raw data for IMC performance view

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[Wanted] extended raw data for IMC performance view


for some of my monitored devices (Performance View) it would be great to store and view all raw data, not only from the current week but also for the last months, quarters, years.
Is there any way to change this within some IMC configuration files?
Another way would be to export those RAW data each day append it into a given *.csv Does anyone know the table within the IMC database? Perhaps anyone was already succesful doing so...




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Re: [Wanted] extended raw data for IMC performance view

Hi Michael,


I've forwarded your question to some of our more experienced IMC folks...hoping someone can help you.


Or...have you worked out an answer since posting this?


Kind regards,


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Re: [Wanted] extended raw data for IMC performance view



You could grab this data from the database - obviously making modifications to the database is something you would want to avoid, but you can get the raw data from the following tables in the report_db


nme_perf_v_origindata :  Raw Data for each device, instance, performance task, at each polling interval.  This is the data dump


Then you can use (all also in report_db)

plat_v_dev:  correlate device ID with friendly device name, IP address, etc

nme_perf_v_task_inst:  correlate the instance ID with friendly name  (i.e. Instance ID 7 = CPU:.0)

nme_perf_v_task_temp: correlate the task_id with friendly tank_name (i.e. task_id 2 = CPU Usage)


You could use a fancy excel spreadsheet to pull the raw data, you wouldn't necessarily need the additional tables, those would just be handy if you wanted to translate the dev_ID, task_ID etc.  In excel under the data tab you can create a link to the db tables and pull the data in.


Hope that helps,