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Where is the "Set Scale" icon???


Where is the "Set Scale" icon???

Hey there...


Long time lurker, first time poster here...


I am trying to add a map of our building layout and also set the scale for the layout.

Unfortunely, I do not have a set scale icon.


I have follow the following instructions, but I do nt see this Set Scale icon anywhere.


From page 494 in the wsm 7.1 


Setting a scale

Set an appropriate scale to test signal coverage or to plan a wireless network. To set a scale:

  1. Set a scale in one of the following ways:

    •  On the toolbar at the top of the topology page, click the Set Scale icon .

    •  Right-click on a blank area, and from the shortcut menu, select Set Scale.

  2. Draw a line on the background picture when the cursor changes to .

    The Specify the actual distance window appears.

  3. Enter a value in the Actual Distance field, and select a measure unit. Options are Meter and


  4. Click OK.

Any help would be appreciated.
Please see attached image for a screenshot of what I am talking about.
Thank you.

Re: Where is the "Set Scale" icon???

Hi JP,


I think the "Set Scale" will only show up for tree  levels under "Location View" (eg BreakRoom-CN48***, etc) not at the top level.

So you might need to add a new location, then add the you AP locations  Maps under that.


Hope that helps.