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Win 10 WiFi IMC radius TLS version issue FIX

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Win 10 WiFi IMC radius TLS version issue FIX

Windows 10 November update a while back changed TLS  to use 1.2 in conjunction with Wifi WPA2-enterprise. Recently we have gotten started with win 10 and discovered wifi would not connect.

We are using IMC as the radius server for our MSM765 controller and HP560 APs.

The IMC Radius server apparently does not (yet) support TLS 1.2. We changed the clients to use TLS 1.1 and that will work. See this KB for a reg key fix to force a specific TLS version:

MS has reports ""that some Radius server implementations experience a bug with TLS 1.2. In this bug scenario, EAP authentication succeeds but the MPPE Key calculation fails because an incorrect PRF (Pseudo Random Function) is used."

IMC will report a user logged in for 5 secs in the User Access Log > Access Details, but will not show them as an on-line access user.