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Zero Touch Provisioning with iMC

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Zero Touch Provisioning with iMC


I am new to iMC and I try to find a way to automate the initial switch configuration. I found a guide which uses two config files for the Zero Touch Provisioning. (See here:

After completing all configuration steps in iMC, the switch is booting up, receives the first config file from iMC (via DHCP settings) and load all settings correctly. After that you should see the Auto Deployment task in iMC "Beeing Executed", but it's still "Not Executed". iMC does not recognize the switch, otherwise the switch should reboot and receive the secound configuration. I checked all settings twice without success.

Do you have any ideas why it does not work?

I am testing with a HPE 5130.


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Re: Zero Touch Provisioning with iMC

Did you checked it on the switch itself? Connect a serial cable and see if the switch boot which information comes in. The final IP of the switch could be reached from the imc server?