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cisco configuration with IMC

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cisco configuration with IMC

Hi you all.


I have IMC 7.0 and most of my switches are cisco 2960.


im able to backup and monitor all of my switches,

but i didnt understood how to configure a cisco switch via the IMC.


for example :

i need to add that line to all of my ciscos :




can any one give me the exact commands and Response Prompt that i should add to the configuration templates on the IMC ?

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Re: cisco configuration with IMC

I wouldn't worry too much about response prompts, etc.


You can just do:

conf t




And then select the option to save the config.


Response prompts are useful if you need to check specific output, but for a one-line change I wouldn't be too worried about it.


If you've got SNMP read-write access, you could just deploy as a segment, in which case you only need "logging"

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Re: cisco configuration with IMC

can you upload the document to cofigure cisco devices to integrate with IMC v7.0

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Re: cisco configuration with IMC

There's no specific document. Adding new devices is covered in the Admin Guide. The process is the same for both Cisco & HP devices.