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custom syslog alarm

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custom syslog alarm


I am new to IMC (7.1) and i'm attempting to setup an alarm for failed power supplies on HP switches.    Per this link (  I setup a syslog alarm but it is not working.   My syslog entries look like this:

	<12> Nov  6 15:44:46 00071 chassis:  ST1-CMDR: Power Supply failure: Supply: 2, Failures: 4

And here is my current alarm settings:

	Syslog Type	Any
	Syslog Level	Emergency Alert Critical Error Warning Notification Informational Debugging
	Repeat Interval (second)	1
	Repeat Times (Times)	1
	Alarm Level	Critical
	Alarm Description	%Syslog%
	Forward to SCC	No
	Syslog Template	*chassis:* Power Supply failure*
       Param Setting     Total Items: 0.

I have restarted the imcfaultdm service on the service to recache the alarms (I found this information online somehwere).  Yet when I simulated a failure it does not generate a alarm.   Any advice?