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Re: eAPI /perf/summary returns list, but /perf/group/{id} gives error 403

Occasional Advisor

eAPI /perf/summary returns list, but /perf/group/{id} gives error 403

We are trying to access the performance summaries with the eAPI. /perf/summary returns a list of performance summaries, but when we try to access one of the groups listed there, e.g. http://imc_url/imcrs/perf/group/1, we get a 403 Forbidden error.


This is from an Administrator account will all rights. What are we doing wrong?


Occasional Advisor

Re: eAPI /perf/summary returns list, but /perf/group/{id} gives error 403

I tried it with the firefox Restclient just to test and got a response:


same url you provided in your post.  http://IMC-IP/imcrs/perf/group/1

Method Get


Enabled Headers:

Accept-Charset: UTF-8

Content-Type: application/xml

Accept: application/xml


Recieved valid response from IMC.  If it's not an issue with headers or any of that jazz you may try using the default admin operator (if you are not already).