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hp imc link report


hp imc link report

Dear Team,

I have the following query.

  • How to generate link failure report in an link redudent environment from iMC.
  • How to count bgp session availability report from iMC.

Thanks in advance...

Valued Contributor

Re: hp imc link report

For the Link failure reports do a search on "connectivity" in the report template list.  One of those reports (likely either the connectivity detail or interface connectivity detail) will probably have the information you're after.  Some of the reports count based on Link up/down events so if you are filtering a lot of that you may get incomplete results, generally the critical ports you're interested in wouldn't be filtered (the default is not to filter).

I don't have BGP in my lab environment so can't say for sure on that one.  If it's something that is pollable (via snmp) you can create a performance view which includes the polling items/devices your interested in, and leverage the performance reports.