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hp imc not recognized cisco 2960

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hp imc not recognized cisco 2960



i have one cisco 2960 switch ver :  WS-C2960-48PST-L   15.0(2)SE6            C2960-LANBASEK9-M.

Imc ver IMC PLAT 7.1 (E0303P10)


As soon as I attach the switch to IMC ,The IMC recognizes the Device Model: ICMP.
 I do not have the ability to back up the switch, and I'm limited as possible.


There is no problem of communication between them,For example snmp.

 Is it possible to be a problem in version of the switch?





Honored Contributor

Re: hp imc not recognized cisco 2960

Something's wrong with SNMP.


Here's some things to do:


1/ Double-check your SNMP configuration on the switch itself.

2/ Check ACLs on the switch.

3/ From the IMC server, run snmpwalk to check if you have SNMP working. If that fails, look for firewalls/ACLs between the IMC server & the switch.

4/ If you can get snmpwalk working from the IMC server, then check your configuration within IMC. Check the SNMP settings you have within IMC for that device. Re-type them if necessary.

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Re: hp imc not recognized cisco 2960

Thank you very much. working !!!